NECC Church Reopening Instructions


    1.  Sunday Live worship will begin at 10:45
    2.  There will be no Bible Studies prior to worship
    3.  Initially there will be no nursery or children’s church.  Nursery and children’s church will resume once we feel we are able to provide a low risk environment for Covid-19
    4.  The morning service will be recorded and available to watch online at 5pm on Sunday

        1.  Weather permitting all doors will be propped open.
        2.  We are asking you that you do not enter the building any earlier than 15 minutes before service and go directly to your seat.  After service has concluded, we ask that you exit directly to parking lot and not linger in worship center or foyer.
        3.  Everyone will be asked to enter through the glass doors and walk immediately to the worship center maintaining a social distancing of 6 feet.
        4.  Once services are completed, people everyone will be asked to leave through the main lobby doors while maintaining 6 feet of distance from others.  In the event of inclement weather, we will allow people to leave through the glass doors.

    1.  Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a face mask while attending services.
    2.  Restrooms will be available under the following conditions
        a.  A restroom monitor will keep watch in the hall.
        b.  Only one person in the restroom at a time.
        c.  Restroom main doors will be propped open.  
    3.  Classrooms, the coffee room, the library and the basement will be closed
    4.  Windows will be open according to CDC recommendations.  
    5.  If you are feeling unwell or are in a high risk group, please refrain from attending in person services.
    6.  We realize that not everyone is comfortable with attending an “in person” service.  Please continue to worship with us online at 5pm on Sunday.